I Survived!

It was touch and go for a while but I survived two runs at Alyeska. At that point my muscles said, ” If you try one more run, we will revolt”. Actually, they refused to do my bidding in the bottom half of the second run. Good thing I didn’t waste time with conditioning exercises before the trip.

Turns out that I wasn’t really needed for guinea pig duties as much as I’d planned. We did do some interesting booze tolerance and hangover remedy experiments. It seems that my booze tolerance at time of consumption is fairly normal. I apparently have many areas in hangover treatment that could use improvement. Obviously, more research is necessary.

There was excellent scenery with clear skies every day. It snowed the day before we drove up to Girdwood and high pressure moved in behind it.

This was sunrise the day before we left.

Our intrepid travelers.

The Chugach mountains along Summit Lake.

And The Turnagain Arm from the Six Glaciers restaurant at Alyeska.

Back home now and to work finishing up the cafe remodel.

Weather should be perfect.


So far I've reached the journeyman or higher level at the following, in chronological order : Silversmith, infantryman/door gunner, helicopter pilot, fireman, carpenter, residential contractor, FAA Air Traffic Control Specialist and crotchety old retired guy. Currently, I'm learning to fly again and that is what this is all about.

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