Happy Beachcombing

Today turned out much nicer than they forecasted. So, I walked Bishop’s Beach.¬†It’s where everyone walks their dogs and searches for treasures while the dogs run themselves silly. This is from an earlier in the month sunset.

The real driftwood pile is just beyond the parking area.

There is a LOT of driftwood.Some has been here a while. There is a city ordinance prohibiting  driftwood removal.

Here are some treasures I found this crisp morning.

I promise to publish a bunch of Homer photos soon. I’ve decided to collect photographs of this town while I walk about. I might decide to get a real camera soon. Until then my iPhone will have to suffice.

Hope you are all well, warm and enjoying family this Thanks Giving.

Weather here is perfect for it.



So far I've reached the journeyman or higher level at the following, in chronological order : Silversmith, infantryman/door gunner, helicopter pilot, fireman, carpenter, residential contractor, FAA Air Traffic Control Specialist and crotchety old retired guy. Currently, I'm learning to fly again and that is what this is all about.

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