A Business Trip

Time to see if I’m ready to travel, baby steps.

As I am now working for food, I’ve decided to take a little business trip before completing the current remodel at the cafe. The purpose of the trip for “M” will be to complete research into new foods and unique local sources, like lamb or wine. My purpose will be to continue my roll as guinea pig for new concoctions and assisting in various taste tests while attempting to survive one day of skiing in Alyeska without breaking, bruising, tearing or completely destroying the only body I’ve got. Hell, I’ll settle for one run.

Hopefully, I will provide valuable input when performing my guinea pig duties while dining at the Double Husky. If I lose that gig I’m not sure I can get by with just my dishwasher skills. Just today I was reminded that my position description was as the number two guinea pig, with the number one being the dog. That is one lucky dog.

Y’all stay warm, it is 41 degrees here at 8:00 AM. I’m told it colder in many places down there.

Photographic proof of life to follow, I hope.


So far I've reached the journeyman or higher level at the following, in chronological order : Silversmith, infantryman/door gunner, helicopter pilot, fireman, carpenter, residential contractor, FAA Air Traffic Control Specialist and crotchety old retired guy. Currently, I'm learning to fly again and that is what this is all about.

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