Month: May 2017

Springtime in Alaska

You know it is spring in Alaska when the swallows return,The new calves are introduced, and you kill your first mosquito of the season. The first to hatch are really big and slow. All three happened yesterday.  

Textures & Memorial Day

Remember to remember this weekend. We haven’t fought a war for freedom since the Revolutionary War. This doesn’t stop us from asking our young men and women to die for the good of “Merica”. I don’t wish to dishonor those

This Years Riverbank

This is for Roger and Mike. It shows what the boardwalk and bank looks like at the RV park we’ll be fishing this year. The ice was vicious this year. This is how it looked on April 6th.┬áThe view from

Destroyers and Shore Birds

The breakup proceeds, catching everyone hurrying to keep up and get ready for Summer.This is the view from Ohlson Mountain Rd on the way in to Bill & Shellie’s. Their house is in front of the small hilltop just right