Month: April 2017

Our Tax Dollars At Work

AAAA convention in Nashville this week. That’s the Army Aviation Association of America. They had to add America to the name to end all those calls for emergency towing. They invited our old unit (227th Assault Helicopter Battalion) to hold

Providing 101

Still plenty of snow up on the mountain where Bill and Shelley live. Last week at the community operated rope tow practically in their back yard. So we are still in the process of providing. Had to put in another

Quick Start

I had not expected to fish quite this soon but Bill has this friend Bob that does winter King fishing. We got the call the night before that the Kings were hanging out in Katchemak Bay. The weather really was

Cleared To Land

“Phouc Vinh tower Pig.” “Pig! Phouc Vinh tower, welcome back, go ahead.” “Phouc Vinh, Pig’s over the V-O-R for landing.” “Pig, Phouc Vinh; runway your choice, cleared to land.” “Thanks Phouc Vinh, I think we’ll shoot straight for P-O-L.” That’s