Month: August 2016

Back In Portland

Been away for a few months. Grandkids haven’t stopped growing. Louis is working on his mustache. And he got a haircut. Nina went to the first day of third grade today. Also sporting a new haircut and snow leopard; she

Please Fasten Your Seatbelts In Preparation For Landing

I began this website to chronicle my journey through the ending of 42 years of marriage. Finally on my own after so long, it has been harrowing and I survived only through the support of friends and family. Thank you

Almost Through Canada

I am done fishing and stopped for one last bowl of clam chowder at Captain Pattie’s on the spit. This is the view from their deck. Bill & Shellie were taking some friends on a boat ride to the area

Do Not Be Afraid of Donald Trump

My liberal friends are scared to death of Donald Trump and what his presidency would mean. I say to them, “Don’t worry, DT will energize the democrats and get them to the polls in record numbers; ensuring his defeat in

One Last Halibut

Went on my last halibut trip for this year. Instead of the usual photo of a bunch of fish, we just took one of the largest. This was the last and biggest, around 50 lbs. One more day in Paradise