Month: June 2016

The Harvest Begins

The first batch of Halibut is in the freezer and Bill has his reds for the year. This is six of the eight we got this trip. Bill has a secret hole just five miles out of the harbor. He

In Homer

Got to the end of the road and beyond yesterday. No new photos but will use some stock shots of Homer. I seem to take the same pictures every time I visit anyway. The old homestead in Soldotna. Looks like

Alcan no, Cassiar Si

Day one of this years trek north saw me breeze through Canadian customs between Sumas, WA and Abbotsford, BC and make Cache Creek, BC the first night. Weather was, as expected, perfect and wild sunflowers were in their prime. Day

One Last Day In Portland

Then it is on my way. Spent a lot of the day bussing around the city. This is one half of the fountain and pool entrance to the visitors info center in Pioneer Square. Pioneer Square was having a flower

A Project House

Our house in Soldotna was a project house in that during the 20+ years we lived there, we were always in the middle of a project. We added a garage/shop, a super greenhouse/arctic entry ( both of which had heated

Time To Go, Again

Not a lot of news. We’ve finally got a court date. August 25th. Only took a little over a year as I’ve officially been homeless since June 1, 2015. Thanks again to all those who kept me afloat for that