Month: May 2016


To all those that have said, “Thank you for your service” and “Welcome home”. I say, “Thank you for your sentiments &¬†gratitude and remember, it wasn’t voluntary”. Let’s not do it again. Tomorrow is for expressing those sentiments to those

Dozer Days

Another weekend in Portland. No news on the divorce front, so it was just enjoying grandkids and soccer. I’m still waiting for a court date; should get one before I leave for Alaska in three weeks. Vancouver held their annual

Hawthorne Revisited

Back in Portland for another Timbers game. Louis and I took the opportunity to check out the sewer construction underway on Hawthorne. Luckily, it is only a short walk for us. They are replacing the main sewer line and it

Kids, Cats & Dogs

Amy finally came through with some photos of the newest family member. I have no doubt that Carl will soon rule the roost. Looks like Higgins is finally at ease around Carl, or is he? Poor Spencer, Carl likes torture

It’s Time For The Rhododendrons

Among other things, the rhododendrons are taking off in Portland. Ryan & Judy’s neighbor’s tree is about two weeks ahead of theirs. The Azaleas are kin and hitting it too. Meanwhile, Nina ran 11 laps at her school fund raiser,