Month: April 2016

Stainless Steel Bridge

I love stainless steel. As long as I don’t have to be the one trying to fabricate it into something useful. I think a well done weld in stainless is a work of art. One thing on my bucket list

Earth cake And The A Train

The Amys decided to celebrate Earth Day with a cake, an earth cake. There would be five layers representing the layers of the earth from the surface to bedrock. Here are the Amys doing final assembly with the finishing touch,

Texas Does A Memorial

First you have to meet one half of the Fries two Goldens. She rapidly became everyone’s best friend, as long as nonstop petting or ball retrieval was involved. During my stay in Austin we went to the New Texas State

Deep Therapy

Before I begin I need to apologize to everyone for the inaccuracies I will undoubtedly put forth here. They are not intentional and I hope the basic story does not suffer. My website has no commercials or ads. But I

Getting Er Dun in Austin

Been raining a lot but we aren’t letting that stop the festivities. The Goose, Vik and I setting out for some serious window shopping. Goose needs a “mid-life crisis car”. Though, we all agree, he is neither still in mid-life

The Good Dealers in Austin

Safe and sound in Austin along with the Goose and Vik. Myself, Goose and his wife Katie have arrived at the Diatschenko’s in Austin. Vik’s wife Anita and Katie went to the outlet mall so Vik, goose and I went

Last Week In The Confederacy

I’ll miss the “Southern Heritage” store on Main Street in Branson. Complete with a well known icon out front. And the Statue of Liberty next door. And the convenient Pizza Hut dock in Shell Knob on Table Rock Lake. There