Month: March 2016

Last Missouri Haircut

Went to the young lady that has been cutting my hair while I’ve been here in Blue Eye. Everyone I meet that is still working seems “young” to me. Anyway, we were talking about our recent trips and I mentioned

Where Are You From?

It’s a simple question that has gotten harder for me to answer. It usually¬†comes up early in conversations with new acquaintances. I’ve been on the road since last June and I’ve had lots of those conversations. I think when we

Portland Blooms

Any day now the rain will start to slow down and Portland will explode with color. The first bloomers are already peaking. Louis is getting into LEGOS The Timbers played their home opener Sunday afternoon. That’s Megan & James, the

Off to PDX

Went down to the Arch. Never get tired of this piece of art. It was closed for a major renovation of the surrounding park. So I had to settle for out side photos. Lil Roger headed out for the Contenent