Month: January 2016

Cowboys & Injuns

Back from a week in Texas. Never had to show my papers. Just a days drive (albeit a long day) south and slightly west of here is the infamous Diatschenko B&B in Round Rock, Texas. A quaint little burb of

Cat photos

Thought I’d post from my iPad. Just a test to get ready for life on the road again. Went to the shelter where I walk dogs and play with cats. Dangerous work; could result in adoption. Want to see how

Water Update 1/14

Water levels remain high and steady here on the lake. There is still a heavy release from Table Rock Dam but the same must be true for the dam and watershed upstream from our lake, keeping our level high. Just

The Draft

I’m in the middle of writing a narrative story about my brother. One of the many things I need to get down on paper before I/we forget. As I research this narrative I find that three lives were interwoven and

Water Update

The water is slowly receding. Highest point on top and yesterday on bottom. Here’s Taneycomo in Branson. Again, highest point at the RV Park on the top and yesterday on the bottom.   Another view of the RV park. Notice the “W” shaped