Month: December 2015

Perfect Weather

I know that most of you have not been experiencing perfect weather lately. In the words of Douglas Adams, “don’t panic”; it will all be over soon. You just need to look at it in a geographic perspective. Or better yet

Merry Christmas, Happy Other Hollidays

Hope everyone is enjoying family and friends today. Know that I am with you all in spirit. About the time you feel pretty important in your world visit the APOD website. Here’s a link:  Our Solar System , it will open

Citizen Trump

Watched a special on MSNBC last night entitled “Citizen Trump”. It chronicled Donalds life and it triggered feelings of bitterness. An emotion I try not to embrace as it is not productive or useful. The bitterness didn’t hit until the

It’s Official

Let the sermons begin!

Spoiler Alert!!!

This contains details about Star Wars VII A long time ago in a world far far away (Evergreen, CO), I was talking to my brother, Ralph, (on a wall phone I believe) an he said he had just seen a

Wounded rant

This is an excerpt from a narrative I am working on. I am establishing a separate “rant” page where these will go in the future. For now, I vent here. I began this particular rant years ago and have been


Those miraculous food factories that we all love to see die. Those wonderful Fall colors of richly varied earth tones that mark the passing of  Summer. They provide an end of season boom for the tourist trade before everyone bunkers

Yesterday a friend told me,”Divorce is not a destination, it is a road; a long and bumpy one.

And understanding that journey requires experiencing it. Be sure to get a good meal before you start out.