Welcome!  Things have changed around here and if you don’t like it – blame the web monkey for messing stuff up.  There is a photo gallery of sorts added to the main menu (the “Gallery tab”).  There was a feeble attempt to organize the photos into some cohesive order, but it ended up being by upload date.  But there they are for your perusal.  Some were used in blog postings but many are new to the viewing public.  There may be a change to how they are presented going forward but don’t bet on it. 

Stories outside the blog roll are gathered elsewhere (see “Stories” menu tab).  More on that whole thing at the story page.

The latest blog postings and ways to search for stuff are still to be found, just on the “Blog” page.  And maybe elsewhere… (ignore the right side of your screen!  There is nothing to see there!)

Comments are still allowed and even encouraged by the character called “Troy”.  If you are not a FOT (Friend of Troy), don’t waste your time with scams, spam, doofus stuff (still okay for FOT though) and the like.  The monkey has strong filters and a low tolerance.  You have been warned.

And now – go explore! 

Your host for the duration of the event.